Athletic Eligibility

La Jolla High, City Conference, and C.I.F. Rules and Regulations

All students will clear for eligibility through administrative personnel, not the individual coaches.  Eligibility processing will be done at times to be announced for each season of a sport.  When athletes have completed all steps of the eligibility process, their coaches will receive clearance from the Athletic Director.  Please allow 24 business hours to process and update clearances.

Only students who complete the clearance process at will be allowed to participate.

You must have a 2.0 unweighted grade point average AND a 2.0 citizenship average on your last report card; summer school academic grades will be averaged in when determining athletic eligibility.  Citizenship grades cannot be made up in summer school.  There is a one-time waiver for incoming freshmen that have not met the 2.0 GPA or citizenship requirements. To apply for the waiver, contact the Athletic Director, Paula Conway to set up a meeting at
You must be living in the La Jolla High School attendance area, the feeder attendance area or attending La Jolla High on an approved program (NCLB, VEEP, Choice, or Seminar). Transfer students will be issued clearance if they meet the above requirements, but may be required to sit out for a period until authorized by CIF.

 2018-2019 LJHS Eligibility Dates:

S1P1     Ends 10/12/2018     Eligible/Inelgible 10/22/2018

S1P2     Ends 11/30/2018     Eligible/Inelgible 12/10/2018

S1         Ends 1/25/2019       Eligible/Inelgible 1/4/2019

S2P3     Ends 3/15/2019       Eligible/Inelgible 3/25/2019

S2P4     Ends 5/3/2019         Eligible/Inelgible 5/13/2019