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Club and Multi-Sports Memo

A Message from the La Jolla High School Athletics Department:

The State CIF and Local San Diego CIF offices have waived rule 600-605 for the 2020-21 school year:


For this year only, the waiving of rule 600-605 allows for student athletes to participate on both club/travel teams and participate in high school athletics at the same time as it pertains to practices and contests. This decision was not made lightly with regards to concerns and considerations regarding over use, player safety, team chemistry, etc.  In the end, the decision was made based on the belief that we need to give our student-athletes every opportunity to be successful and pursue higher educational opportunities through athletics.

We understand that certain sports have tournaments, showcases, etc., that highlight our student-athlete’s talents as it pertains to college interests and college scholarships, so we did not want to limit those opportunities by forcing our student-athletes to choose between the two options.

Now that CIF has combined sports into two seasons, instead of three, we are aware that some athletes may want to play two high school sports in a specific season at La Jolla High School.  The CIF rule states that the student-athlete may only have a combined total of 18 hours of practice and contests each week.  Each contest counts as 3 hours.  The 18 hours are a combined total for both sports.  It is the responsibility of the student-athlete to communicate with both coaches and the Athletic Director regarding their desire to compete in two sports per season before tryouts.  The approval of the request to play two sports per season will depend on the sport and program as practices, game times, and sport specific teamwork instruction schedules differ.  Some programs at LJHS may not be able to accommodate dual-sport season student-athletes.

While we cannot control/monitor what the travel/clubs are doing, we do have a few expectations for our high school student-athletes who will be participating on two teams, and possibly two La Jolla High School teams.

  • La Jolla High School team/s remain the priority.
  • It is the responsibility of the student-athlete to share with the high school coach and Athletic Director prior to tryouts (or as soon as they are aware they will be participating on a club/travel team and second team at LJHS) that they are going to participate in both high school and club/travel athletics at the same time.
  • The student-athlete must ensure that their club/travel team follows state and county COVID protocols and if they don’t, please notify the high school coach and Athletic Director that you will self-quarantine before coming out to participate with your high school team.
  • The student-athlete should communicate to the high school coach any injuries or fatigue sustained while participating in the other LJHS sport, travel/club practices or contests.
  • The student-athlete must provide a copy to their high school coach of the club/travel practice and contest schedule prior to the start of the season.  It is incumbent on the student-athlete to effectively communicate to their coaches.
  • The student-athlete’s education must remain the main focus, and thus a student-athlete may be removed from the high school team by the school administration if playing for multiple teams at the same time starts to impact a student-athlete’s academic achievement.