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“Girls Lacrosse All-League Player of the Year”
Congratulations to Maggie Garvey on being named Western League Player of the Year! Congratulations to the following players who were named to the 2017-2018 All-League First Team: Maggie Garvey, Kayla Nitahara, Julie Tomasulo, and Josie Ballard.
“All-CIF Lacrosse Players”
Congratulations to attacker Maggie Garvey and midfielder Kayla Nitahara for being named to the 2017-2018 All-CIF First Team; and congratulations to goalie Josie Ballard for being named to the 2017-2018 All-CIF Second Team.
“Lacrosse Players Named to All-American and All-Academic”
Congratulations to Maggie Garvey and Kayla Nitahara on being named to the 2018 U.S. Lacrosse Girls High School All-American Team; and congratulations to Julia Tomasulo, Josie Ballard, Nora Joyce, and Kayla Nitahara on being named to the 2018 U.S. Lacrosse Girls High School All-Academic Team.